Plagerism Checker

Why Do You Need a Plagerism Checker?

plagerism checkPlagerism is a big problem both online and even within academic and other writing. It is the act of using someone else’s words and ideas as your own and is both illegal and unethical and can have serious ramifications whether your copying was intentional or not. A student that submits work that has been copied or even a paper where they quote information and fail to cite their sources could find themselves accused of plagerism and could even be expelled if the crime is deemed serious enough. While online writers that use copied material could find themselves demoted within the search engines or even facing legal action from the original authors. This is why it is best to perform a plagerism check on everything that you write or have written to ensure that you do not unwittingly use copied material for any use.

Where Can You Find a Free Plagiarism Checker?

plagiarism checker freeOur website features a plagerism checker free to be used by anyone. It is a very simple program to use and you will have no issues with using it to quickly check if your text contains anything that has been copied from elsewhere either online or even within another publication. Sometimes we inadvertently copy when we make a quotation of another author’s work and fail to cite it, or if we paraphrase what they have written and do not change the text sufficiently to make it unique. Paraphrasing other work to make it unique is a common practice for those writing online and our tool can help you to check that what you have written is truly unique.

How Can You Use Our Plagerism Checker?

To simply check for plagerism all you need to do is use the text box on our site to run a very simple free test. Just paste in the text that you wish to check and our sophisticated software will thoroughly check through the text to see if there is any plagerism present within your writing. This will enable you to avoid any of the issues that are associated with using copied material and to ensure that you correctly cite your sources for quotations that you do use intentionally.

Don’t Get Caught Copying by Using Our Free Plagerism Checker

check for plagerismThere are no excuses for getting caught with copied text within your work when you can access and use our plagiarism checker free online. Whether you just want to run through an academic paper to ensure that you have highlighted and correctly cited all of the quotes used or if you have written an article online and you want to ensure that it is different to the sources that you have used, our free service can ensure that your work is copying free. So don’t hesitate, use our our free and accurate plagiarism checker here online to ensure that your writing is free of copying issues today.

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